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CogniVers contributes to the successful integration of the Agile method and the Lean management processes

Agile and Lean management methodologies have emerged as major process management trends for large companies. These two approaches facilitate project management and problem-solving through the application of systematic processes.

Difficulties encountered when integrating these two approaches

The engagement and development of employees is essential to the successful implementation of the two methodologies. However, fear of change and difficulties understanding the reasons for adopting new practices, which tend to expose existing problems and can make completing tasks seem more difficult, often leads to resistance. Adopting new behaviors and developing new management processes is difficult, and can take several years before achieving satisfactory results.

How does CogniVers complete Agile and Lean?

The CogniVers training, which specializes in cognitive efficiency, draws attention to human behavior, especially in a context of problem-solving and adaptability to change.

Many companies who have adopted an Agile or Lean management style, including Bell Canada, are unanimous in saying that CogniVers training is an essential complement to these two approaches because it allows employees to develop the attitudes they need to facilitate the integration of each process.

Below are the main skills developed by the participants of the CogniVers training, which help the integration of Agile and Lean methods.

Understanding their thought patterns, strengths and weaknesses

The range of cognitive strategies taught by CogniVers, allows participants to know themselves better and to better understand their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to problem solving. Thus, they are better able to anticipate personal challenges when implementing a new practice, and to fully invest themselves in the process.


See yourself in actionn

CogniVers helps people to see themselves in slow motion and solve problems to develop their metacognitive capacity. This results in an ability to see themselves going into action quite clearly. It then becomes easier for them to change their behaviors and adopt new ways of doing things like transitioning to a Lean, or Agile, management style.


Develop greater open-mindedness to invest themselves in change

The goal of CogniVers training is to bring about significant change in the way that people approach problems. The structure of the training raises questions about the way they think and act in the professional context and in life in general so that they can make room for more appropriate and productive behaviors.

Through this process, people become more flexible and more open to trying new ways of doing things, allowing them to better integrate new processes into an Agile or Lean management style.


Integrate strategies to improve and develop a common language

CogniVers teaches basic and universal strategies that become an integral part of the language of those who have followed the training. After the training, it is easier for team members to communicate with each other, and to explain themselves clearly.

Pour un virage profond en matière de gestion du changement et la résolution de problème au quotidien.

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