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On-site business training that provides concrete results

Having first proved itself in Quebec under the name Formation Adeptes, CogniVers Training & Coaching, after 20 years of success in their home province, is now reaching out to clients all across Canada and the United States.  CogniVers is distinguished by the extraordinary quality of its coaching and the achievement of concrete and measurable results for its clients.

Certified as a training institution by Emploi-Québec, and a proud member of the Ordre des Conseillers en Ressources humaines, CogniVers represents the highest standard of excellence in the field of professional business training and development.

CogniVers training allows executives, managers, and their staff to develop and increase their potential for efficiency and productivity, and use their newly developed work and interpersonal skills to effectively contribute their own knowledge and expertise. The innovative, proven and measurable approach in cognitive efficiency used by CogniVers is appropriate both for individuals and groups.

Increased productivity

By helping its clients develop and improve their cognitive and communication strategies, CogniVers offers each participant effective and sustainable tools they can use in all spheres of their individual and professional activity. This training offers a fundamental and complete approach leading to sound productivity habits.

Proven training

With over 45,000 hours of training given to more than 5,000 individuals, from small businesses to multinationals, in both industrial and commercial sectors, CogniVers Training & Coaching is a trusted source for productivity and business training that provides concrete results.

President and founder


Huguette Rouillier, CRHA, holds a Bachelor of Education and Diploma in Cognitive Education from UQAT. After four years of research on workplace attitudes and unproductive behaviors, she founded Formation Adeptes inc. in 1996. She has developed and facilitated numerous training sessions and conferences on improving intellectual abilities. She teaches managers and employees to understand the impact that their unproductive behavior  has on their organization.

Endowed with an exceptional ability to listen, and a transparent, lively, frank and generous personality, Ms. Rouiller’s qualities make her a much-appreciated coach.

Partner and English division director


Bianka Lanoix, B.S.S. For more than 12 years, Bianka has taught managers and employees to develop a strategic and logical understanding of their everyday realities. She has written and presented multiple lectures on cognitive efficiency, and unproductive behaviors and their sources.

She is currently leading the expanding English division of the company and coordinates business development at CogniVers. Fully dedicated to the success of her clients, her passion, integrity and ability to quickly detect unproductive habits and behaviors make her an outstanding professional coach.


CogniVers has an experienced team of coaches who work directly in the field as resourcing officers in human relations. They have earned their reputation for success through the exceptional quality of their coaching within countless organizations.

CogniVers coaches quickly define the requirements for productivity and efficiency within an organization and adapt to their needs and values by offering customized solutions and ongoing support.

They share their passion and encourage the continuous growth and improvement of their clients, while always maintaining a climate of trust.

Pour un virage profond en matière de gestion du changement et la résolution de problème au quotidien.

Nos champs d’expertise

  • Formation et coaching de
    différents niveaux
  • Gestion de changement
  • Intelligence Émotionnelle
  • Développement de potentiel
  • Consolidation de l’équipe de gestion
  • Gestion et aide à la résolution de conflits
  • Conférence et animation sur l’augmentation des capacités intellectuelles


CogniVers détient un certificat d'agrément à titre d'organisme formateur délivré par Emploi Québec dans le cadre de la loi du 1% favorisant le développement de la main d'œuvre.

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