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Unproductive Behaviors

Practical HR solutions for managing your team

With its many years of experience working with managers and employees of large companies and SMEs in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, CogniVers Training & Coaching has identified some common unproductive behaviors found in businesses today. Below you will find an overview of these issues and human resources solutions we use to address them.

Faced with difficult choices?

Faced with difficult choices?

Beware of pre-conceived notions and ready-made solutions. When solving problems, some people don’t take the time to fully define the problem, which can lead to hastily-made conclusions. Or they go to the other extreme and analyze the problem endlessly without ever taking action. Sound HR solutions require self-awareness and introspection.

  • Reaffirm your decision making power.
  • Strengthen your strategic planning methods.
  • Control impulsive decisions.
  • Give yourself time to consider alternatives and their repercussions .
  • Avoid burning your bridges and arriving at a point of no return.
  • Manage situations with compassion.
Your team lacks motivation?

Your team lacks motivation?

Are your employees’ objectives in line with those of your business? Is there a climate of trust between the different levels of the organization? It is essential to have a common thread, a common vision, shared by everyone from the CEO to the lowest level employee, so that everyone knows their contribution is necessary for the company’s success.

  • Improve your ability to listen to your employees’ expectations
  • Develop your own communication and negotiation style
  • Perfect your ability to mobilize and motivate your resources
  • Enhance the management of meetings
  • Strengthen your contingency plans in case of conflicts
  • Develop the skills of your associates
Overwhelmed by the workload?

Overwhelmed by the workload?

What if you could free yourself from that feeling of being out of control? Several issues can lead to an excessive workload and a few good habits may be enough to create a feeling of finally being in control.

  • Improve your working methods and organization
  • Pinpoint your priorities
  • Develop strategies to prioritize the constant flow of information
  • Strengthen your skills to complete your projects
  • Learn to identify the sources of your stress
  • Perfect your ability to recognize the warning signs of stress
  • Strengthen your awareness of your work/life balance
Always hounded by time?

Always hounded by time?

In an era of ever increasing speed and distraction, how can you make time your ally rather than one of your greatest sources of stress? The ultimate goal for any individual or business is to invest quality time in the things that matter most. But first, you must identify your main time wasters and learn how to measure your time accurately.

  • Strengthen your tactical skills to succeed in the age of speed
  • Optimize the management of your agenda
  • Identify and correct the use of magical thinking
  • Learn to plan time to review your work, take stock and assess results
Difficulty delegating?

Difficulty delegating?

Are you an individualist who does not like the uncertainty and slow progress associated with delegating in a team? By doing everything yourself, you may think you are saving time, but is it really true? Sometimes you have to let go and trust the potential of the people around you and invest for the long term. Learning the rules of the art of delegation is an essential HR solution that will help you better manage your resources and contribute to the success of your team.

  • Develop an objective analysis of your workload
  • Learn to identify the elements of your project that require your input
  • Consolidate your skills by training, coaching and delegating
  • Clarify the steps of your processes and communicate them effectively
  • Improve the planning of deliverables and quantify the expected results
Struck in reactive mode?

Struck in reactive mode?

Do you have difficulty taking the ideas of others into account? A defensive attitude is a major obstacle to complete and accurate self-knowledge. Imagine yourself working in an environment where feedback and the exchange of ideas is welcome, where having a positive attitude at work is the norm. A healthy climate, overflowing with creativity, where you can build on the ideas of others, and keep moving forward.

  • Strengthen your ability for introspection before responding to criticism
  • Develop the habit of asking for clarification of expressed criticism
  • Consider the possibility of admitting your mistakes, when applicable
  • Expand your capacity for active listening
  • Cultivate your sense of humor to overcome misunderstandings
  • Learn how to easily step outside the bounds of your comfort zone
Driven by your emotions?

Driven by your emotions?

Your emotions make you passionate, but they can also easily destroy a healthy work atmosphere and cause you to lose credibility. They can give rise to inappropriate behavior and bad decisions. How can you use this energy constructively?

  • Develop a technique to organize and program your thoughts
  • Learn to identify the sources of your impulsive reactions
  • Increase your capacity to decode your emotions and those of others
  • Change your negative behavioral patterns
  • Strengthen your professionalism in situations of failure
Distracted from your goals?

Distracted from your goals?

Clarity of your objectives has a big impact on whether or not you’ll be successful in achieving them. It is easy to get distracted and take a direction opposite to what you originally intended. The challenge is even greater when there are several people participating in the development of an idea.

  • Target the real problems
  • Learn to better manage your professional life with clear objectives
  • Enhance your ability to target a goal and stay on track
  • Practice focusing your resources on one goal at a time
  • Develop realistic action plans for achieving your goals

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