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Learn to think
beyond pre-conceived ideas
Re-inforce the utilisation of your mental capacity
by better defining your priorities
Improve your time management
your possibilities
your performance
by going beyond yourself
Prepare pro-actively
for change
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Organizational Change Management Through Cognitive Efficiency

Performing in a world of constant evolution is one of the greatest challenges that we face today. Knowing how to juggle priorities and make the right decisions at critical moments all while keeping the right attitude in a demanding and constantly changing world is a real challenge. That is why organizational change management training and coaching is so important.

We offer personalized management training and coaching adapted to the realities of your company and designed to suit your needs as well as the needs of your team, thereby allowing you to better understand your own way of working as an individual, so that you can define precisely what slows you down.

Our training is based on a process that encourages individual reflection on the way we learn, solve problems and behave on a daily basis. Understanding one’s own behaviors and one’s reactions to change, both in general and within the organization, are essential to permanently increasing one’s effectiveness.

We offer you the ability to become autonomous and efficient in your search for solutions in any situation. The goal is to have fun finding the combination of ideal strategies in a particular context, taking into account what works for you, according to your personality and the unique way that you learn.

CogniVers prepares and mobilizes employees around the objectives of organizational change, which is a critical issue for the evolution of nearly every company today.

We train you to become a:

Gains for ITI hydraulic

The Management and the President of ITI Hydraulik

GSI Électronique inc.

CogniVers training is an integral part of my employees’ development just as the green belt is for them. The combination of both have ensured that we are now a profitable division capable of handling major projects.

Sylvie Robitaille, Eng., Plant Manager, GSI Electronics Inc.