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Continuous improvement that ensures your success

CogniVers training is addressed to presidents, directors, managers and employees alike. Strategies are taught in modules and the training has three levels.

Our training is well known for bringing about significant and permanent changes both professionally as well as in life in general. These positive outcomes are achieved through a process that spans a period of time to ensure permanent and continuous improvement.

Develop greater self-awareness to detect biased perceptions and mistaken beliefs about unproductive behaviors and attitudes that affect your success.

CogniVers LEVEL 1


MODULE 1 : Get to know yourself in order to develop an attitude of openness and flexibility towards change, and to acquire the ability to perform in a structured, consistent and continuous way.

MODULE 2 : Develop your observation and organization skills in both the concrete and the abstract. These essential elements are the foundation on which you will build results.

MODULE 3 : Develop your ability to think, question, and analyze for better decisions, both strategic and tactical.

MODULE 4 : Learn how to plan, communicate and execute for measurable, consistent and impactful results.


48 hours of group training
3 hours of group training per week
2.5 hours of individual coaching adapted to each participant

CogniVers LEVEL 2



Review all the strategies learned thus far, and discuss any persistent flaws or shortcomings.


Learn how to solidify relationships within the team through transparency at the individual level, how to address team decisions on real issues, and how to put the skills you’ve developed into practice to reach your goals.



12 hours of group training
3 hours of group training per week
2.5 hours of individual coaching adapted to each participant

CogniVers LEVEL 3


  • Learn how to mobilize your team around important business issues
  • Strengthen cohesion within your team
  • Enjoy annual refresher training

Coaching: personalized support

CogniVers offers personalized coaching sessions to deepen the cognitive strategies of each participant so that they can optimize their knowledge transfer skills in any context.

In each personalized coaching session, coaches will accurately assess every participants’ needs by identifying the behaviors, perceptions and beliefs that stand in the way of their success. Coaches will then seek to define and explain the specific procedures for change that will lead each participant to see continuous improvement in both their personal and professional lives.

Develop your work efficiency and your soft skills for a profound change

The CogniVers Training uses a universal and rigorous approach (ajouter un hyperlien vers la page Approche anglaise) that aims to identify, define and change the attitudes and behaviors that inhibit each participant’s ability to enhance their work and life skills. Focusing on these two aspects is the key to ensuring the maximum performance and continuous improvement of every member of your team.

A Foundational Intervention

Focused on the individual, CogniVers training helps you achieve better self-control through a process of introspection and the development of metacognitive skills. Emphasis is on:

  • Listening to yourself think
  • Watching yourself act
  • Sensing your feelings

The advantages

Des avantages au niveau humain

  • CogniVers suscite les entrepreneurs à investir dans le capital humain en favorisant la responsabilisation, la planification, l’organisation, l’auto-formation de leurs employés.
  • CogniVers augmente l’estime de soi des individus, améliore la capacité de prise de décision, diminue le stress et développe le sentiment d’appartenance à l’entreprise.
  • CogniVers est une approche terrain qui a des retombées au quotidien.

Autonomy and leadership

  • Autonomy and responsibility of employees
  • Better management of workload
  • Increased managerial leadership
  • Better decision-making capacity
  • Ability to recognize one’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Improved interpretation of directives
  • Improved adaptability to change

Productivity, efficiency, performance

  • Improved work methods
  • Increased production quality
  • Accelerated production schedules
  • Considerably reduced meeting time
  • Less errors and waste

Human Resources

  • Increased communication and teamwork
  • Improved work environment and motivation
  • Better intercultural exchange
  • Transformation of tensions into constructive energy
  • Strengthened sense of belonging to the company
  • Lower turnover
  • Reduced absenteeism

Pour un virage profond en matière de gestion du changement et la résolution de problème au quotidien.

Nos champs d’expertise

  • Formation et coaching de
    différents niveaux
  • Gestion de changement
  • Intelligence Émotionnelle
  • Développement de potentiel
  • Consolidation de l’équipe de gestion
  • Gestion et aide à la résolution de conflits
  • Conférence et animation sur l’augmentation des capacités intellectuelles


CogniVers détient un certificat d'agrément à titre d'organisme formateur délivré par Emploi Québec dans le cadre de la loi du 1% favorisant le développement de la main d'œuvre.

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