For nearly 30 years, Cognivers has offered a unique, field-based training that aligns cognitive efficiency with practical company objectives.

Bianka Lanoix, head of CogniVers USA, introduces the Cognivers training

Find out how CogniVers impacts lives and businesses

CogniVers training leads you on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Throughout the training, participants are guided through engaging activities that prompt reflection on learning processes, problem-solving techniques, decision-making strategies, and daily behaviors. This immersive environment fosters deep introspection, allowing participants to uncover hidden patterns and beliefs that impact every aspect of their work, decisions, and performance.

CogniVers empowers you with a robust toolkit of 15 Cognitive Strategies. These strategies drill down to the core of the learning process. They are incredibly versatile and can be applied to any challenge, whether technical, organizational, relational or psychological.

The cognitive strategies become the Swiss Army knife of your mind; a comprehensive set of tools designed to equip you for any challenge that comes your way.

They empower participants to cultivate a mindset of versatility and adaptability, enabling them to tackle any challenge with finesse. The result? Enhanced problem-solving skills and a heightened capacity to navigate complex situations with more ease. Participants experience a profound shift in the structure of their mind, resulting in huge improvements in efficiency and quality of work.

Cognivers empowers teams to synchronize their problem-solving methodologies, as they all adopt the same proven strategies. This shared foundation cultivates a common language among team members, streamlining the problem-solving process and facilitating collaboration on complex issues.

Moreover, team members gain a deeper understanding of each other’s strengths and characteristics, fostering enhanced cooperation and synergy within the team. By leveraging this newfound insight, teams can collaborate more effectively, maximizing their collective potential by fostering a culture of self-awareness.

Furthermore, CogniVers aligns your employees’ growth objectives with the overarching business goals. Through this integration, not only do teams become more adept at problem-solving, but they also become more invested in the success of the organization as a whole.

Over 5000 individuals trained

Among many other small businesses CogniVers has trained employees for the following medium to large cap companies.

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Listen to Sylvie Robitaille share the impact of Cognivers on her team.

Sylvie Robitaille

AGCO Canada